Aleksandar Prokopiev


In drawing, a keyhole resembles a stuffed doll without arms and legs. The peeper, with his left eye open wide and the right one shut, waits before the transparent body of the keyhole-doll and adolescently fills the partial view with delight. After a few minutes, maybe half an hour, the peeper straightens up and instead of a key, his shivering penis penetrates the keyhole.

In drawing, the keyhole resembles a chess pawn. The last pawn standing on the chessboard, having almost reached the 7th field, only a step away from the magnificent transformation into a black Queen.

Drawn as a part of a lock, the keyhole resembles a benevolent little mouth (the upper two screws are the eyes, the lower a chin indent, the handle is a Picasso nose), ever ready, almost wide opened like an O.

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