Kiro Urdin

Planetarisms (English)

One point everywhere, everything in one point

If you've decided to go all the way, distance yourself.

Enough! - so that it doesn't get boring.

When it's certain the force that's heading for you will win, face another way.

To live healthily, you should eat well - to live longer, eat less.

Judge the sublime, the rest is error-free.

Be in the middle; don't underestimate the one below you, or overestimate

the one above you.

If somebody serves you as a model, don't undress in front of them.

Fill the mouth that constantly criticizes you, and the same will shower you with praise.

Swim in the sea of love; later you'll start to drown in it.

What would Tutankhamen's attitude to silence be, when nowadays every 'pharaoh' has his own spokesman?

How to prevent the inevitable, when it's a part of what's to follow?

Line up in order, I want to set you right.

I am the avantgarde, I trample all before me.

The price goes up when we are paying, and falls when others do so for us.

Who's more in the right: he who usurps another's right, or he who wants to keep the right for himself?

Don't limit the movement of those who follow you.

Seize the moment when you're in fashion, for fashion's moment doesn't last long.

Don't irritate the mouth whose tongue expresses itself crudely.

Have we ever asked ourselves what happens behind the man who always wants to be in the foreground?

What do cows think of silicone breasts?

Finally the tastes of artists and consumers have coincided - paint and consume a Big Mac, Coca Cola or spaghetti.

I'm in a fix: should I take the queen, or checkmate the king?

Why shouldn't I sell myself, if someone's prepared to pay more than I'm worth?

There's a philosopher with universal wisdom - he's called Old Age.

No one is as young as his years, or as old as the years life has given him.

What is the evolution of the line of least resistance when the whistle blows for an outsider, and when it blows for the favourite?

No one is as young as his years, or as old as the years life has given him.

What is the evolution of the line of least resistance when the whistle blows for an outsider, and when it blows for the favourite?

A king's crowning success is his queen, the queen's when both crowns are united on her head.

Today a person no longer knows whether the world has become civilised or militarised.

The end of all illusions - I've hit reality by mistake.

What should one's attitude be when someone has done something for someone else and the benefit is mutual?

What would a novel look like with the first and the last pages blank?

Is there an ordinal number for the consequences of a wrong decision?

I've reached the peak of the pyramid, what's the next point?

I'm in form, my wallet's shaking.

When you're on the list of undesirables, the only consolation is that if they scored you out they might mark your name with a cross.

It's a full moon tonight, should I think of sex or my wages?

We say that there's nothing in space - that means there's no space.

Producers of the world, distribute yourselves!

Decide what your future route will be - the path you follow every day, or the road you should set out on?

Write down what you said, but use fewer words.

Cross the line, if you've already drawn it.

Only what's implied by what's been said remains.

What kind of friendship should I choose - for a day, for a year or for a lifetime?

Let open questions stay shut in the files.

The use of a lot of high-falutin words is the first phase of the following phase.

The earth's in a tight spot - everything's on the increase.

At last I've found my identity - it's my past.

A great pen expands the field of a language, the limited field of a language restricts the pen.

What should an artist think of himself when everyone convinces him he's mad.

Is it possible to be different even when you think the same?

Cut the abbreviation short.

Dissociate yourself from those thoughts that belong to you but apply to others.

Where does the pleasure lie - in the secret that should be revealed, or in the repercussions that will have to be borne?

A great pen expands the field of a language, the limited field of a language restricts the pen.

When we're in love with something we're often stupid, which means we're constantly in love.

The letter that should bring you good news will be delayed so get closer to the place where it's written.

He's living in another world, my world where he doesn't exist.

Don't replace innovation with something already seen.

How to bring our argument closer to the truth if that's already our stance?

Poised between two extremes, stand where the distance is least.

I'm suffering from arterial sclerosis, the walls of my arteries are silted up with bloody foes.

I've no more time to write, so I should write less but say more in the time that's left to me.

Everyone possesses less of what he has, and wants to have more of what he possesses.

If you want to rule someone, render him anonymous.

I didn't get what I wanted, but neither did I lose - as they wanted.

Change your face, it doesn't match the character you're playing.

We learn because we lack knowledge, which means the learned know least.

Replace what you should see with something nobody's seen so far.

Keep on looking for what you're seeking - if you don't find it, it will find you.

Open your eyes wide if your wife loves you blindly.

The lower the setting sun, the longer a man's shadow.

I'm looking for a compromise, the others will have to adjust to it.

Great works start from nothing, they're built on little things but don't necessarily end up great.

All my friends have abandoned me, but they're not to blame – money is.

The text written in the basement is commented on in the corridor.

I live in two worlds - the world I was born into, and the world they're training me.

Advertisement: Political functionary seeks premises with deep-freeze to preserve some of his political career.

This is the second version of the first edition - maybe it would've been better if they'd both been only versions?

Aren't today's states musical? - they're always sending each other diplomatic notes.

Does somebody have to be understood if everybody understands him?

You've chosen the wrong service - our machines are only meant for laundering money.

Look at the world around you - if it's the same, be different from it, if it's different, be the same as everybody else.

Abandon theory, build a space to apply it in.

Can sympathy be abused? Can you ask somebody to be more sympathetic towards you than he is?

Have you attended a concert where the works have been performed solely by instruments of power?

How does the captain feel when he's the last person on the deck of a sinking ship but there's nobody there to see him?

The changes that had to come have taken place - those who should have brought them about have changed.

There are lots of thinkers who have not spoken yet.

There are thinkers who have never got a word in edgeways.

The great person forgives, the petty one remembers.

Everything flows, everything changes, but there is less and less drinking water.

The wiser one lets go.

The previous is contained in the future; where should we put what is of the moment?

The straight line that passes through the soul will never be straight again.

Don't underestimate the idiots if they're in the majority.


My earliest knowledge begins with my great-grandfather, Constantine. I don't know what my great-grandmother's name was. They came from Salonica and had four­teen children, twelve of whom died one after the other. The thirteenth was my grandfa­ther, Vasil, and the fourteenth his sister, Tina. My father was called Michael and my mother Makedonka, as is my daughter. But to begin with myself.

I am average in all things: of average height, of average weight, of average years and the colour of my hair is average. My mother and father were average too. And of course my three brothers and my sister are average. I wasn't present at the moment of my birth. Time moved fast then. During the First World War my father was still a child, but even then he had made up his mind that I would be his youngest son. His wish was ful­filled towards the end of the Second World War. It was the month of May and three for­tune-tellers told me that the flowers were still smelling of gunpowder. After that moment a good many years passed and peace reigned everywhere. Countries were trans­formed into flower gardens. There were no more wars, no more dead, wounded, starv­ing... There was no injustice, evil or force. Darwin hoodwinked the world with his theory - but nobody believes in him any more. When I completed my studies everybody started to judge me. In order to improve my rating, I started with legal norms, and fell headlong into the loopholes in the law. There they convinced me that life beyond the grave can easily be buried.

Because I had little patience for documents I began to paint them and then to record them on film. This same fact had undesirable consequences that started to multi­ply. Their number increased so rapidly that there wasn't room for them all any more. The only way out was to surrender my space to them. The consequences demanded that I should understand their causes. So on average I became a point, so that nobody noticed me any more. Now my destiny depends upon the place where they insert me in their written texts. But if anyone asks me what my wish is, my response is this: because I am a point I don't want to remain in any one place but to be in perpetual motion.

Kiro Urdin

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